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 Please Read before you buy a Puppy

We want to warn All people looking at getting a Leonberger Puppy from Australia to be very careful on picking the breeder they buy their puppy from.

 Unfortunately the Dark side of the dog world has found our wonderful breed here is Austraila and seem to be setting up Puppy farms.  They have no interest in breeding Sound and Healthy dogs.. They just have Dollar signs in their Eyes...
 We can only pray that they will not sell ANY pups and will leave our Leonbergers alone.

One of these Farms will take your money on a Promise of a Leonberger pup,  but they don't even own Leonbergers so ofcourse the puppys never arrive. 

It is very important to buy your Leonberger puppy from caring and loving Breeders who are Registered with their local Canine Assoication in their Country, aswell as belonging to a Leonberger club, The breeders aim should be to improve and keep the breed true to type.

 Most importantly making money should not be the purpose for Breeding Leonbergers or any Dog for that matter.  

A good Leonberger Breeder has their dogs in their home where they live as members of the family 100% of the time, NOT out in Kennels where they are just used as breeding machines.

As the Leonberger is a very Large dog and will be a BIG part of your Family its important that you know where your Leo comes from and that you have met Both Parents of your pup as well as the Breeder to ensure that your pup will have the best Temperament and Health possible. 

 DO NOT buy a pup sight unseen. Visit the Breeder and their dogs several times before you decide to buy a pup..   don't forget the dog will be with you for many years. 

Make sure you talk to as many breeders as possible when looking for the right breeder of your Leonberger.  The Breeder should be open with information and not be hiding anything.

 We STRONGLY Suggest that you make contact with the reputable Leonberger breeders that we have listed on our breeders page.

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