Leonberger Association of NSW



The Leonberger Library


The Leonberger Gazette 2006

This Gazette is full of articals on Leonbergers

writen by different Leonberger Breeders from

New Zealand and around the world. 

The Cover.
NZ Official Breed Standard.
Notes on the Breed Standard.  by Fran Baars
History of the Leonberger.  by Fran Baars
Origins of the Leonberger.  by Fran Baars
The Leonberger in New Zealand: A snap-shot in Time.  by Fran Baars
From Small Beginnings.  by Verna Jensen
Leonberger Health Issues.  by Charlotte Hviid
Feeding Requirements.  by Charlotte Hvid
Grooming a Leonberger.  by Charlotte Hviid
Leo Leisure.  by Charlotte Hviid
Training your Leonberger.  by Charlotte Hviid
A View from Afar (wishing I was Closer).    by Ian Richardson
The Furture of the Leonberger.  by Ellie Davies
To be a Breeder.  by Verna Jensen
Importing a puppy into New Zealand.   by Denyse Goodall
Water Bed.   by Melvyn Goodall
We've come a Long way.  by Elsha Burns
Is a Leo puppy for You?   by Garth Irwin
Canine Pontifications.  by Ross Anderson
Jess.  by Mike Cooper
So what are they used for?  by Elsha Burns



One of the Gentle Giants

NZKC Leonberger Supplement 1996

This Supplement is full of articals from New Zealand Leonberger Breeders

and also includes an Artical about the 1st Leonbergers imported into Australia

and is writen when Australia only had a few Leonbergers in the country.

Includes :- 
The Cover
History of the Leonberger
Swedish Illustrated Breed Standard
Arrival of Leos in New Zealand (by clare Thomas)
Sabra (by Rosemarie Logan)
Dogs on Computers (by Lesley Cornish)
Leonbergers in Sweden (by Margareta Esknor)
The Australian Leonbergers (by Alison Webb)
Adverts for.  Country Lodge, Lejongardens & Leonberget'z


Leonberger Breed Feature 2009

Full of Interesting Articals on Leonberger from
 Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

Included :-
What is a Leonberger?
Water Fun.  by Ben New Zealand
The Leonberger.  by Beth Scobie
So waht are they used for?
Leos CAN fly.  by Beth Scobie
Leonbergers in the Wars.  by Beth Scobie
Better than Soap.  by Neil Ewart
The First Leonberer in Australia to Gain a CD title.  by Kaye and Wayne Frick
History of Leos in Australia
Leonburns.  by Elsha Burns

Adverts :-
Adlihtam Leonbergers
Leonburns Leonbergers
Skyewood & Leonz Leonbergers
The Leonberger Club of New Zealand.
Ursiform Leonbergers
Wags Dog Grooming Salon
Leonberger Association of NSW.
Leonberger Association of Victoria
Furrychild Leonbergers



January 2001

An Artical on Leonbergers writen by
Several of the Early 
Leonberger Breeders in Australian  

Includes :-
The Cover.
Introduction and History.
Characteristics and Temperament.
General Care.


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