Leonberger Association of NSW



 Australian Leonberger 
 Stud Book 
The aim of this stud book is to categorise Leonbergers in Australia in chronological order and provide basic information about them.
This stud book lists all Leonbergers currently registered in Australia including all re-registered imports and a number of non-registered imports and any Non Registered Litters.

Stud Books can only be as useful as the information supplied, therefore it is very important for breeders and owners alike to submit all health details of their dogs.
So why not have a look at the stud book and if you Leo is not included then please follow the details and the web site the submit your Leos Details and if possible a photo so that everyone can enjoy your leo too.


International Leonberger Database

- a pedigree and health database for Leonberger Dogs -

If you are interested in finding out more about your Leos history why not have a look at the
International Leonberger Database
where you can follow the family trees of Leonbergers all over the world.




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